Romantic Movies for any Occasion

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These classic love stories can make your heart flutter no matter if it's just a normal moment, Christmas or Valentine's Day.

Here is a list of 4 most timeless

1. The Girl with a Pearl Earring 

Griet has to work because her father has gone blind. Griet lands a project for a maid for a painter named Johannes Vermeer. An improbable friendship grows with the painter and also the two consent to keep it a secret in Vermeer's jealous wife. A patron called Van Ruijyen starts to lust after Griet and commissions a painting of her. Griet and Vermeer are reluctant to spend a long time along with Vermeer paints her. This film was directed by Peter Webber and released in 2003. This movie won a European Film Award for the Best Cinematographer and also a Polish Academy Award for the Best European Film.

2. The Face of Love

This cmovieshd is about a lonely widow named. The art teacher called Tom looks like her husband but Nikki decides to not inform him that. This movie was directed by Arie Posin.

3. Departure

A mother and her child spend per week in their summer home in the South of France. The boy's parents' marriage awakens along with the family to market their summer house. Matters become complicated when a neighborhood kid enters your own life. Andrew Steggall directed this movie and released in May 2016

4. Vertigo

An detective decides to retire following his fellow officer and the girl he was hired to follow dies. He sees a double of this girl which leads him. This romantic story was led by Alfres Hitchcock and published in May of 1958.